Thursday 29 March 2018

Adventures Through Netflix: Annihilation Film Review

I have always been slightly sceptical and suspicious of films released directly to Netflix. It feels odd that rather than having to get up, go out, pay money and then watch a brand spanking new film, you can just have it spoon fed to you without having to move. 

Thus far, most Netflix original films have been utter crap so I just assumed it was somewhere for terrible cinema to go and die. However, Annihilation appears to be a game changer. 

Alex Garland has written and directed some very good films and so to see his latest entry sidestepping a cinematic release for a less than exhilarating "here you go" on Netflix took me aback a little. 

Onto the movie, to get this out of the way yes it is derivative of other science fiction ideas, most science fiction stories are derivative of others so I believe the key is in the execution not the underlying ideas. Not to say you don't need a good grounding for a science fiction film because you do, its just not all you need these days. 

Annihilation is excellent, for the first time in a long time I was completely drawn in and at the end I genuinely had to think about it. Usually after seeing a film that was released that week my only thought is, why the hell did I spend £15.00 to see that crap. 

Annihilation starts off a little slow but once they are in the "Shimmer" the sounds, visuals, acting and direction of the film just take you away. The last half hour, while reminding me intensely of a Tool Music Video, is so different and intriguing compared to the current watered down "Sci-Fi" that is being pumped at you at the moment. The Soundtrack and Effects especially bring the film to an almost critical point and leave you there once the film has ended, never really giving you the closure we might think we need but in this case, shouldn't have. 

Natalie Portman is as usual very watchable, while not portraying an exactly charismatic character, she plays the role well and gives us eyes in which to explore this strange bastardisation of our world. 

Science Fiction and horror are not melded enough in my mind, because the infinite possibilities are a little scary at the best of times. The bear scene in Annihilation did give me the chills a little, for some reason reminding me of playing old horror games on my own as a teenager. It wasn't that the film was really scary, but it gave you an odd feeling like it wasn't trying to be scary, it just happened to be. 


Brilliant, different and a must for any true Science Fiction junkie. 

5/5 Slices

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