Wednesday 21 November 2018

Red Eye Review: Monster Punch - Pipeline Punch

Its been a little while since I've indulged in full sugar energy drinks, my daily offering is mainly of the Monster Ultra variety purely because of the damage to my waistline and teeth done by full sugar drinks.  

However, I have to try anything new and by god I'm glad I did. This is definitely my new treat drink, taking the place of the original Monster Punch. Its a fantastic blend of tropical fruit (the usual passion-fruit, guava and orange) and manages to taste both juicy and refreshing unlike most drinks of this nature. 

Energy is, as usual, provided. This does feel sort of healthy, clearly deceptively, but psychologically it makes me feel less crap about drinking it. 

Apparently it's named after the Banzai Pipeline which is, from some brief research, a big deal for surfers in Hawaii (so the tropical makes sense). Luckily, it doesn't taste like surfing, salt water and blood from getting smacked in the face with a board... 


Love it! Great taste, refreshing and interesting and most amazingly quite different from any other drink. Looks like there are still a few flavours left to explore in the world of caffeinated fizzy addiction. 

5/5 Slices

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