Wednesday 14 November 2018

Red Eye Review: Mega Monster Ultra (Its a bit bigger)

I suppose a review of this is a little much, given that its just a bigger container for the same drink, but hey, here we are.... 

I guess that the idea of this is to give us both enough to satisfy two sittings, and the ability to close the can for the second serving (this has the same can closing mechanism as "No Fear Original"). However, whoever came up with this didn't seem to get that moderation isn't exactly the point when it comes to large cans of energy drink.

I have yet to actually use the opening/closing for more than a few minutes and so all it really does is get in the way and make me spill drink down my front, but I suppose as there's more it doesn't matter, was that the point of making it bigger, so you could dribble it and get the same amount of caffeiney goodness? 

I just think this is a little pointless, the only reason I have found to buy this is occasionally its cheaper than the smaller can (no idea how that makes sense).


Same Monster Ultra deliciousness, slightly larger can and you can close it, but I never want to close it and I find it harder to drink from so, meh, I guess this doesn't really add anything. 

2/5 Slices

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