Monday 5 June 2017

Red Eye Review: Monster Energy Lewis Hamilton 44

Monster Lewis Hamilton 44 Energy Drink

So there’s a new Monster on the loose, this time its celebrity endorsed!

Celebrities having their own brand of drink seems slightly odd to me, because I can’t imagine them drinking it or choosing what it tastes like. Even if they did drink it regularly, they would look like a douche-bag “Mmmm… just enjoying some me flavoured drink”. 

I get why Lewis Hamilton would be a good choice for an energy drink endorsement, he drives fast stuff etc. But when I think of Formula One I immediately think of Petrol and Sweat, so is this petrol or sweat flavour?

Luckily it’s neither, its taste if I’m honest is a little boring for Monster. Monster have always pushed the envelope when it comes to unique flavours for energy drinks and this one really doesn’t.

While it may be slightly on the bland side compared to other Monster varieties, it is quite refreshing and light which I guess might be the point. I couldn’t quite place the taste and the only thing I could really compare it to is Original Monster if it was watered down a bit. 

On a hot summer’s day when I really wanted an energy drink but didn’t want that sickly feeling, I think I could be persuaded to buy one of these. It’s less than 100 calories for a 500ml can, which is pretty incredible when it doesn’t remotely have that diet-ish flavour.


This is quite a well-rounded drink but its let down is its lack of distinctive Monster edge.

3/5 Slices

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  1. It tastes like the roll'up gum from my childhood


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