Monday 26 March 2018

Red Eye Review: Carabao Energy Drink Green Apple Sugar Free

I have been slacking on the whole energy drink review front and to be honest its partly because I haven't come across many interesting new flavours that aren't just another taken on an existing drink. However, Carabao is one that's popped up in my local shops for more than a little while and it felt like it was time to try something new. 

Carabao is a Thai energy drink and I believe the name means Water Buffalo in Thai. I didn't know Water Buffalo were a thing in Thailand and thus the learning continues...

In keeping with my current wish to become less fat I'll start with the Sugar Free Green Apple flavour. First off, unlike most energy drinks or really many fizzy drinks, it actually tastes like the thing its supposed too. At your first sip you know exactly which flavour it is and that's actually quite a novelty for an energy drink.

My fiance is convinced it tastes like off cider, in a way I can kind of see what she means but I wouldn't have noticed it. 

I really like this drink, primarily because it doesn't taste like a "original flavour" diet energy drink which as you likely know, all taste the bloody same. Its really quite different and doesn't taste like Relentless Apple which I think is a good thing because that drink made me feel like I was rotting from the inside while drinking it. 

So far this is the first apple flavoured energy drink I have liked so I'd call this flavour a success and one I shall more than likely have again. 

4/5 Slices

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