Friday 24 February 2017

We Got Round to Playing: Alienation

Two players shown on screen playing as a team
Couch co-op is back!
A real couch Co-op game!

Firstly, as all gamer's will know Couch Co-op has been in steady decline for years. Whether this is because of online multiplayer or simply because people don’t have friends I couldn’t tell you, but I do know that it sucks.

Many games such as some of my favorites Call of Duty, Left4Dead, TimeSplitters and Rainbow Six managed to have great single player experiences but still incorporate split screen games so why has this feature all but been removed so many new games? To me this just seems lazy. 

Blue electrical visual effects
Fancy Visual Effects

Anyway, Alienation is a PS4 game, it's not amazing on the graphics or Story front, Aliens invade blah-blah you know the drill. However, after an initial backlash developers added a local co-op to the game and really that’s what makes it.

MajesticBeardsman and I have been playing this a few times and it’s so refreshing to be able to play the full version of a game together with your mate in the room. You each get to choose a class so it’s best to choose two that complement each other. We opted for a Bio-Specialist and Tank classes, simply, healing abilities and big guns.

The game is a tad repetitive but it gives you lots of options, guns, tactics and abilities so you really can make it your own.

A group of enemy aliens are getting destroyed by laser rifles

The game-play is really quite good and there has been lots of attention given to making this a functional game. It does have a little bit of a learning curve especially because it’s difficult to keep track of your character when there are up to 3 more running around on your screen  and they don’t look that different.


This is really the kind of game I would like to see more of, fun, simple, easy to pick up and play and most importantly you don’t have to go out to spend time with your mates!

4/5 Slices

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