Monday 20 February 2017

Red Eye Review: Rockstar

This week I’m reviewing the original flavour of Rockstar and how this stacks up against the competition.

Out of the big energy drink brands; this is the one I have had the least exposure to. It appears to me that Rockstar do not have as much of a presence in the UK as Relentless and Monster and that’s a shame.

This is probably the most unique tasting original flavours of energy drink. Most original flavours have a kind of stock “energy drink” flavour, but Rockstar is a bit different. Like Monster it has a sherbet-y type flavour, but it is a little less sickly.

Of the original flavours, I’d say this is my second favourite behind Relentless; however it’s just not as common in the UK and so I would be unlikely to buy it on a regular basis. It is however usually 99p.

Rockstar is the unhealthiest of the original energy drink flavours with close to 300 calories in a can. So if you’re going to choose a Rockstar you better think of it as a meal rather than a beverage. However, having the most sugar does mean it gives you the most energy and I did feel pretty wired after a can.

I understand that Rockstar was the first energy drink to introduce the 500ml can, so I guess I have a lot to thank Rockstar for. Twice as much energy drink for the same price has always been a good reason to choose Rockstar, Monster or Relentless over anything else.


It’s got a good taste, good value and gives you a decent amount of energy, but it does contain more calories than anything else. So have one, but maybe don’t have one every day.

4/5 Slices

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