Sunday 26 February 2017

Red Eye Review: Which Punch packs the most… Punch? (Pun unavoidable)

Each of the big 3 energy drink brands have a purple punch flavoured drink, so I thought I would take a look at all 3 and see which one is the best. As none of these are diet flavours, this review left me feeling wired to hell and like my teeth had been coated in hair.

It’s safe to assume that the name “Punch” is referring to a fruit punch and because the drink “packs a punch”, it’s not hard to see why all three leading brands have a flavour with the same idea. Personally, I’d like a can of Slap flavour.

Relentless Passion Punch

Relentless’ entry I assume is supposed to taste like passion fruit, however, as it’s so sweet I couldn’t really make out a flavour over all the sugar. It definitely tastes fruity, artificially fruity that is. It doesn’t taste bad but it’s not the best flavour either.

At nearly 300 calories for a can this really can’t be enjoyed as a regular drink unless your aim is put on weight and lose all your teeth. Because it is so sweet it didn’t leave me feeling particularly refreshed, more like I’d just had a large dessert.

2.5/5 Slices

Rockstar Punched Guava

The flavour of this might be the best of the three, its sweet but not too sweet and leaves you feeling quite refreshed. This is a good and well balanced energy drink. 

This is also the highest in calories so like the Relentless cant really be enjoyed on a regular basis, but this one definitely makes my list of treat energy drinks.

3.5/5 Slices 

Monster Punch

The most straight forward name is usually the most effective, so best name goes to Monster Punch. This is a very interesting flavour that, while fruity, doesn’t give any indication of which fruits it might be. It does have a slightly strange aftertaste, but it’s not unpleasant.

This is the least sticky of the 3 flavours and left me feeling more refreshed than the others. This also has less than 200 calories so makes it the least chubbifying of the Punches.

I have to say that this is the best of the 3 because it’s got a good flavour, gives you energy and it doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve eaten a whole bag of Haribo in under a minute. 

4/5 Slices

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