Thursday 2 March 2017

The London Beard Company Beard Oil: Zero Edition Review

London Beard Company
Trying a new product of any kind can be a worrying experience, especially if you have found a brand or product that suits you perfectly. However, sometimes you are forced into shopping around for a replacement as products can become discontinued. This recently happened to me and my favorite beard oil. My previous company of choice produced a nice selection of scented oils as well as an unscented one, for those who want the healthier looking beard without smelling like they're in a forest or spice shop all day long. 

Panic started setting in when my bottle of oil was looking almost empty and to my horror, I found out that that particular oil was no longer being sold. Once I recovered from the fear of possibly having to live with a beard that would look and feel like old trampled straw, I took to the interweb to see what I could find. It wasn't promising. Page after page of strongly scented oils that cost twice the price for half the amount kept showing up. Panic levels were rising. 

One day as I was continuing my research, I came across a twitter page by the name of London Beard Company. I visited their website and found what I was looking for - Zero Edition Beard Oil. As the name suggests, it is their unscented oil which is made from 100% natural ingredients. In the case of this oil those ingredients are Olive oil and Argan Oil (as with any product like this, test for allergens first).

You can purchase this oil online for £15.00 which to some, might seem like a lot but compared to others I had seen, it was a fairly reasonable price to pay for a 30ml bottle when considering some other brands offer half the amount to that for the same price. Another alternative is to check their stockists out. You simply enter your location and if there is one nearby to you, I recommend going there. In my experience, it can be a couple of pounds cheaper from a local stockist - £11.99 at the time of purchase for my bottle.

To ensure you never use more oil than you need, they include a pipette which allows you to use the same amount each and every time you apply oil to your beard. For me, I like to use two drops immediately after washing my beard and then two more drops once it has fully dried. This gives me a perfectly moisturized beard and a subtle healthy sheen that usually lasts all day, depending on weather conditions. 

I'm giving this a 4.5 out of 5 slice rating due to the online price being a little steep but if you don't mind the price tag, this is a fantastic product that will leave you with a really awesome majestic looking beard.

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