Monday 30 January 2017

Red Eye Review: Relentless Origin

This is the one that started it all for me. I can't remember whether I had never had an energy drink before, but i remember my first Relentless and it was a revelation. 

I don't know whether it was the Goth/Urban design, the shear amount or just the taste alone but this is what got me hooked on energy drinks. It was a hot day in the summer holidays and I bought it completely on a whim. From that day I have had at least one energy drink per day (mostly more).

Anyway, Relentless Origin is for me what an energy drink should taste like and it is the standard to which all others will be compared. I do like others more depending on my mood, but I can count on this drink to hit the spot. 

Really thinking about the taste its possibly a little too sickly, especially if its not ice cold. So, always drink it ice cold! 

Like a lot of energy drinks it is usually one pound and when you get a big ole can, value for money is definitely provided. If you live in a town with more than a few shops, you'll always find an offer on, sometimes cheaper than a quid so remember to check around. 

Other than the slightly too sugary taste, the only real downside is that its really bad for you. If you drank more than one a day for a few years you'd be extremely overweight and have no teeth.  


This is my treat drink, when I'm feeling low or really need something to jump start my brain this is always where I will go. 

4/5 Slices

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