Wednesday 18 January 2017

Red Eye Review: The Best Diet Energy Drink

What is the best diet, sugar free, low calorie, slightly more healthy energy drink and is this just the best of a bad situation?

When I first discovered energy drinks I didn’t really care how much sugar they had and how much they would erode my teeth, as a teenager these things don’t matter. However, like me, energy drinks have grown up a bit and realised they need to give us ample sugar free options or we won’t be able buy them forever… I imagine it’s hard to enjoy one with diabetes.
There’s plenty of literature out there saying why these are just as bad for you, but if you’re like me and don’t give toss for the most part and you’d just like to be less fat, it won’t stop you. 
There really is a good selection these days, so if you’re trying to lose weight but still need apocalyptic amounts of caffeine to charge you through the day, you’re not out of luck and you don’t have to settle.
I will be posting about each of these drinks in my weekly reviews, but let’s compare the top calorie free alternatives:
Relentless Origin Ultra (Zero)

This is Relentless’ attempt to give us their stock flavour without sugar and for the most part it works. I like this drink but you can’t help but compare it to the original and think…. it’s not quite as good.  If they had called it something else maybe I wouldn’t feel slightly depressed whenever I drink it because I know a can of Origin would go down so much better.

Red Bull Sugarfree
This is a lot like Relentless’ entry in that it is a diet version of the normal Red Bull. To me it seems closer to its counterpart in taste but unfortunately it shares the same problems i.e. size and price. If I’m out on the town and this is what they want to make my Jager-bombs out of I really won’t complain, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it.

Rockstar Pure Zero
It seems that Rockstar caught up pretty quick and realised we want a sugar free drink, but don’t want to be stuck with one flavour that’s a pale imitation of its sugar full counterpart.

I don’t know whether this is just because of where I live but I can’t really seem to get much Rockstar or at least not many of the flavours.
I have however tried their guava flavoured “Rockstar Punched Pure Zero”, a name that to me sounds like a tabloid headline. I did go back for more and if they sold it everywhere I think it might become a regular purchase for me. It has a slightly odd taste but it does quite well to disguise its lack of sugar which I like.

Monster Ultra
Quite why “Ultra” means diet or sugar free I have no idea, but in a world of drinks called “Monster” and “Rockstar” I guess it’s a drop in the ocean.
This is definitely my favourite zero calorie energy drink and it all comes down to taste and variety. Their original flavour isn’t a rubbish version of a nicer drink; it’s completely different and tastes damn good. I would happily choose this over a sugary drink on taste alone, because it’s damn refreshing! To me it tastes like a nice homely lemonade with the caffeine racked up to oblivion.
 It doesn’t end there, as far as I am aware there are 6 flavours, Silver (which is the original in my mind) Red, Blue, Black, Sunrise and Citron. I guess orange and yellow didn’t make it through market testing.

Being honest I haven’t yet tried Black or Blue, which is assume are Black Cherry and Blueberry inspired unless they are promoting wife beater flavours. However, all of the flavours I have had are pretty good with my favourite being Red. I guess it reminds me of the Relentless Berry flavour that I miss so much.

The main reason these are the best is that they don’t taste like they are zero sugar. They’re not overly sweet which I think is a good move and it does make them more palatable when you’re not quite in a “pick and mix” mood.
So next time you’re making that fateful decision about which drink shall grace your lips and your thinking “but they’re not good for me”, try a Monster Ultra. It’s still not very good for you.

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