Tuesday 17 January 2017

Red Eye Review: Red Bull

Starting with a classic seems like the obvious choice, everyone knows it and everyone's tried it. For my first Red Eye Review, I'm going to take a look at old faithful and see whether it holds up in our energy drink generation.

It tastes alright... not much more can be said on this point. It tastes like a stock energy drink and that's not a bad thing in my books. However, you can buy literally hundreds of variations of this standard "Energy" flavour, so there is no reason to settle for alright.

My main gripe about Red Bull is that it’s always more expensive than any other energy drink and you get half as much. I don't buy energy drinks with moderation in mind, I want caffeine, sugar and God knows what else in large amounts so that I can deal with the harsh reality of Monday morning (or literally any other time).

The reality is, I look at a can of red bull and think, I could buy two of these but I’d rather have one Relentless for less than half the price. The only time I’ll get a 250ml can is if it’s a multipack of 6 supermarket own "red blue purple thunderbolt lightening jolt kick" or whatever...

Before you think "but they do bigger cans", I know, and they cost even more and are a stupid amount like 355ml or something.

Overall, if someone offers me one or it’s the only caffeine based, cold drink available I wouldn't turn it down, but it never makes its way into my general circulation of energy drinks because it’s simply not as interesting and not as good value.

3/5 Slices

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