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Top 10 Drinking Games and How to Play Them

Most people younger than 30 have a drinking game, that one that you always suggest when you don’t think your mates are drinking enough.  Here’s how to play our top 10 favourite drinking games. FYI, this post can also be a considered a drinking game Olympics, play all the games in a row... responsibly.

10. You drink whenever they say…

Putting a film on isn’t always the best way to “get the party started”, however, this is a fun game if you’re having a quieter one but still want to get sloshed.

Simply put on a film and each person has to be assigned a phrase or character, each time your phrase or character comes up, you guessed it, take a drink.

For example stick on Harry Potter. You drink whenever some says "Harry Potter!" or whenever Hermione is shrill. You get the idea.


A simple but effective game. Whenever someone points at you and shouts drink, you…. drink. Take a little sip if your rubbish and don’t mind being booed or down the whole thing if you want to be king of the wasted.

8. Spoons

This isn't really a drinking game but it can easily be made into one, its more a violent game for idiots.

Basically think musical chairs for drunks (which actually sounds quite fun). All you need is a pack of cards and some spoons. Put one spoon per person in the middle minus one.

Everyone then takes it in turn to draw a card from the deck until someone has 4 of a kind. As soon as this happens, they reach for a spoon. As soon as the first person goes for a spoon, you all try to grab one and the person left without a spoon is the loser.

The loser is then subject to some kind of drinking based forfeit, take a spoon away and repeat.

DISCLAIMER - People get more enthusiastic that you would imagine and you might loose a finger...

7. Beer Pong

Time for an American entry! This game requires a lot of space, a table, plastic cups and a ping pong ball or two... which is probably why we never ended up playing it.

Should you be really odd and just happen to have these lying around, set up 9 cups in a triangle at each end of the table. Fill each one with beer (cheap beer cos your gonna put a ball in it)

One person at each end tries to bounce a ping pong ball into the cups on the other side. You get one in, the other play has to drink that cup. Drinking the ball as well is option.

6. International Drinking Rules

This isn’t technically a game, but it deserves recognition as a long standing tradition in the world of binge drinking.

In my experience these are always different and no one ever seems to agree on them, but here is our version of the international drinking rules:

1. No first names

2. No swearing

3. No saying drink, drank or drunk

4. Pinkie out (stay classy)

5. Drink with your left hand

6. You can’t put an empty glass down, fill it up or hang onto it!

You break a rule, you drink… obviously.

5. Sink it

No house party is complete without a little mess, and a good one will always result in lots of it. Sink it is a simple game and probably most likely to result in some poor chump being sick.

First you need a big bowl (works with a measuring jug or bucket) and a tumbler. Gather everyone round and get them to fill the bowl up with their drink and float the tumbler on top.

Taking turns, each person has to fill a little bit of the tumbler up with their drink until one lucky person sinks it. They then have to fish it out of the bowl and down the tumblers worth of dirty pint.

To spice things up don’t be afraid to add new ingredients to the bowl, such as cereal or tea bags. You wouldn’t want it to taste nice would you…

4. Red or Black

My advice on this one is to play this early on, nothing is more frustrating than trying to get drunks to concentrate on what card they might have.

There are two parts to this game.

1. Going round the group ask the following questions one at a time before you given them a card:

  • Red or Black?
  • Higher or Lower? (than the card they already have)
  • In or Out? (in-between or outside of the two cards they already have)
  • Odd or Even? (notice that despite it making no difference, they will always look at the cards they already have)

If they get the answer wrong, they take a drink.

Now, everyone should have 4 cards, take the rest of the deck and lay the cards out as below:

One side will be "you take a drink" and the other "you give a drink". Turn the cards over starting from the bottom of the T shape, one side at a time. On the first row, if anyone has the card they either take a drink or give a drink depending on the side. On the second row they are either take two drinks or give two drinks and so on until you reach the cards at the top of the T. If no one has the card turned over, take one from they deck until someone does.

The first row of these cards is take or give half a drink (make sure they're drink is full, if they don't want to get drunk don't play a drinking game). The top row is take or give a whole drink, this can be replaced with two dirty pints for the more adventurous binge drinkers.

If you can see properly, start the game again.

3. Fingers

If nobody is able to get past the vague innuendo, its probably best not to play this one.

Grab a pint glass and make a dirty pint from every one's drinks. Put the drink in the middle and everyone puts one finger on the rim of the glass.

Taking turns, each person counts down and says out how many fingers they think will be left on the glass while everyone either takes theirs off or leaves it there. 

If you guess right, your out. Keep going until the last person who gets to drink down all that dirty goodness.

Simple, effective and will quickly weed out those who cannot count.

2. Pyramid (Ride the Bus)

This game is a one player, so can be played alone for those without friends or standards.

Set the cards up as follows:

Starting from the bottom, take one card from each row. If you get a face card (don't forget, ace is face) take a drink for the number of rows you got too. 

After the drinks, place more cards over those you turned over and start again! You don't escape until you reach the top without hitting a face card!

1. Ring of Fire

If you haven't played this game you seriously need to get up... go out... and meet some people, because I haven't been to party when this hasn't been at least suggested.

This really is a classic and like all classic games, there are plenty of versions. 

They all start like this... get a pint glass and spread a deck of cards around it in a circle. 

Taking it in turns, trying not to break the circle, take a card and depending on what you get, you do the following:

Two - "You" Point to someone to make them take a drink
Three - "Me" You take a drink
Four - "Whores" All the ladies drink
Five - "Alive" You raise your hand and shout "Alive!", the last person to raise their hand takes a drink
Six - "Dicks" All the blokes drink
Seven - "Make a rule" pretty self explanatory, good excuse to crack out the international drinking rules!
Eight - "Mate" Chose a partner, whenever you drink, they drink
Nine - "Busta Rhyme" You start it off, say a word and going round the circle everyone has to say a Rhyming word. First person to choke, drinks.
Ten - "Race Car" Everyone put your hands on the wheel, steer one way for an "Eeeeee" and the other for an "Urrrr". Someone steers towards you and makes the right noise, you go and either steer the same way or turn it back. First person to fail, you guessed it, drinks.
Jack - "Thumb Master" You are now the Thumb Master! Any time you put your thumb on the table, when anyone notices the thumb they have to do the same. The last person to notice gets a drink. You can keep doing this until someone else gets a Jack.
Queen - "Question Master" You are the Question Master! If you ask a question and someone answers, they have to drink. Just like Thumb Master, keep going until another Queen is revealed!
King - "Fill up the dirty pint" Fill a quarter of the pint with your drink. The person to get the last King, fills it up and drinks the lot!
Ace - "Waterfall" You start taking a drink, going round the circle everyone has to start drinking and they can't stop until the person to their right. Watch out for cheats, sipping shall not be tolerated!

So there we have it, our Top Ten Drinking Games and a thoroughly irresponsible guide to binge drinking. Happy Hangover's Y'all!

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