Tuesday 26 September 2017

Red Eye Review: No Fear Original - Resealable Can!

Everyday energy drink companies are trying desperately to come up with new exciting and different flavours, its not often that one ties to redesign the can...

No Fear are the sort of company that I know about, but know nothing about, I've even had a no fear T-shirt and Basketball Hoop, with still no idea what I am endorsing. Anyway, they also have energy drinks with have been around for a while but the whole "resealable can" thing is slightly more recent. 
The original flavour is ironically, not very original. It tastes almost exactly like original relentless, which given that their styles are also quite similar, I imagine is not a coincidence. Its perfectly fine as far as energy drinks go but not much to get excited about. It's a little bit sharper than Relentless so I think I like it slightly less, but being honest I don't think I could pass a Pepsi challenge (google it if you don't know).

Now, the resealable can is an elegant solution to a problem we all think we have. "Wouldn't it be great to be able to close this up and come back to it" or "I wish I could just put this in my pocket for a minute". These are things that would have crossed your mind, but now that I am faced with a perfectly logical and clever solution, I find that it really doesn't make any difference. 

For those of you who would close an energy drink and come back to it, fair enough, but in my opinion that's going to happen so rarely, why bother? 

Every time I have had a resealable can, I've been entirely focused on how much more difficult it is to drink out of without dribbling, and I still end up drinking it in one sitting without spilling it...

My point is, hats off to No Fear for ingenuity, but it doesn't make any difference and I can't see it catching on. 


Nice drink, good idea, doesn't matter.

3/5 Slices 

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