Friday 22 September 2017

Film Review - The Ritual (2017 Film)

I managed to get an early viewing to the latest British horror film, The Ritual, which is based on Adam Nevill’s horror novel of the same name. I had heard exactly nothing about this film prior to seeing it, which I definitely think was a good idea as I might have been put off by a brief synopsis.

Without giving away any major spoilers, the film focuses on 4 British lads off on a hiking trip through Sweden’s mountains, they soon get lost in the woods and horror ensues.

While watching the film I was reminded of ‘Mama’. In Mama, after an incredibly creepy and jumpy first half you get a full look at the titular ‘Mama’ and it just looked so crap you couldn’t get over it. This film had the creepiness and jump scares of the first half of Mama but you never really had it ruined because you didn’t get a really good look at this thing that’s chasing them through the woods.

Rafe Spall is an actor I associate with comedy (mainly Hot Fuzz). At the start of this film he had the same air about him that I expected, but pretty damn quickly the comedy was sucked straight out and he pulled it off brilliantly. Not to say there wasn't the odd laugh even amidst the horror (**Spoiler** Punches an old lady... which is about the only other connection to Hot Fuzz).

The characters are incredibly relate-able, especially for me being a 20 something British lad myself. I know someone who is exactly like each character and recognised myself and the way I may deal with this situation in some of the characters as well.

Fans of supernatural horror and Nordic mythology will get a kick out of this film, but it’s the horrifying idea of being lost in an endless forest, fighting with your friends and then being hunted that really makes this film an all-round damn good watch.


This film was very well made, from a brutal and sobering start, a consistently creepy and unnerving setting and good acting especially from the lead Rafe Spall.

4/5 Slices 

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