Monday 14 August 2017

Red Eye Review | Moose Juice Extreme Energy - Berry Flavour

It’s not often that I stumble across a new brand of energy drink randomly, but the other day I was in the gym and, panic, I had forgotten my morning survival liquid! Without time to get to a shop and with the start of the work day looming I rushed to the vending machines at the gym. They have one type of energy, “Moose Juice”.

I am a sucker for Berry flavour because I’m still searching for the replacement for Relentless Berry (I won’t ever forget you) and that leads me to the review.

The first thing I realise is that it’s zero sugar (about 15 kcal) which was, I suppose, to be expected given that I bought it at a gym. As I have discussed in previous reviews low cal sugar free energy drinks have taken a surprising leap forward with Monster Ultra so I don’t expect them to taste crap anymore. I was not disappointed.

This drink tastes quite a bit like Rockstar Pure Zero Guava which is not a bad thing. It’s quite sherbet-y which is what I associate with American energy drinks however they appear to be UK based (I couldn’t find any confirmation either way). Although they do tell you how much is in the can in fluid ounces and you don’t get any Moose’s in the UK. I guess that doesn’t matter.

I guess I’m a little confused by their marketing strategy, I don’t really associate a Moose with energy and if someone said “Moose Juice” I would just think about little Nicky trying to turn Coke into Moose piss. However, the company also makes protein shakes and I suppose a moose is quite a hench animal.

Apparently this doesn’t contain any Aspartame, a chemical which apparently isn’t good for you; you can see I take my research into these things very seriously. This is a sweetener which I usually notice on the ingredients of nearly all diet drinks and some non-diet ones. For those of us with concerns about our health, this might be a consideration, but if your too concerned you really shouldn’t be drinking energy drinks at all….


I really like this drink, it seems like it’s probably better for you than most, and at least you won’t put on weight from drinking it. I like the berry flavour and if they start selling this in the shops I will definitely buy it again. 

4/5 Slices 

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