Wednesday 8 March 2017

Top 5 Melodic Songs by Metal bands

One good thing about metal bands is that usually, not only can their singers scream and growl, but they can actually hold a note as well. So, when a Metal band does a softer more melodic song it often turns out pretty well. The best part of these types of songs for me is the build into a heavy but still melodic riff that really gets you in the feels.

So I thought I would go through my top 5 melodic metal songs that show the world, yeah we’re a heavy band, but we can still give you a moving power ballad.

5. Cemetery Gates by Pantera

The best thing about this song is the solo, it’s just excellent. The song starts slow and acoustic and jumps from that to a more classically Pantera sounding riff which I like but it does sounds a little choppy when it cuts straight in and then back to the acoustic riff afterwards.

If you’re a fan of Pantera like me, I would imagine this song gets quite a few regular plays.

4. Vermillion Parts 1 and 2 by Slipknot

These two songs are a bit different, they really are two sides of the same coin so I thought it was best to include them both. 

Part 1 is a slower, but still heavy more classically Slipknot sounding song. Personally, I prefer the first part if you consider them separately but when you consider them together they really are a brilliant bit of song writing. Part 2 is much slower, calmer but still a powerfully soulful song.

These two songs really stand out because of Corey Taylor's singing, this is probably the best it’s ever been.

3. In This River by Black Label Society 

I like most people I assumed this song was written as a tribute to Zakk Wylde’s friend Dimebag Darrell. The Internet has subsequently told me I was wrong about that.

Apparently, it was written before and then considered a tribute afterwards, the video obviously is a tribute. This song is incredibly emotional, not matter the reason it was written. My favourite version isn’t the album version but the live version below, although both are good. 

This song has some great singing but it’s Zakk Wylde’s powerful guitar wizardry that makes this song.

2. Come Clarity by In Flames

I might be a little biased on this one because In Flames are one of my favourite bands, but I think this song is brilliant.

It starts acoustic and it builds to a heavier chorus and by adding a good solo, this song is incredibly well rounded and is probably one of my favourite In Flames songs. 

1. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

As soon as I started writing this post, I knew which song would be number 1. Nothing Else Matters is an excellent combination of a great riff, great singing and if you listen the version from S&M a damn good orchestral accompaniment.

Metallica are a giant of Metal music so it isn’t lightly that this song can be considered as one of their best.

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