Thursday 2 February 2017

Top 4 Essential Items to Maintain a Healthy Beard

Owning a majestic beard is no easy feat. It is a constant battle of wills where your beard wants to grow out in all directions to conquer your face. However, with these 4 items you can, and will, take back control of your glorious face forest.

Item Number One - Beard Shampoo

You may think this one isn't needed but hear me out. When my beard first got long enough to need regular washing, I used everyday run of the mill shampoo. I learnt the hard way why this was a very bad idea. I had finished my shave and my beard was covered in shaving gel. I rinsed my beard, grabbed my regular shampoo and lathered up a generous amount of it into my beard. 30 seconds later my face felt like it was on fire and I had tears streaming down my face. 

My Personal Favorite
See the problem with regular shampoo is it has all sorts of harsh chemicals which are really only designed to be used on your head hair as it is much thicker and potentially more greasy than your beard would be.The skin on your face, especially just minutes after a close shave, is delicate and sensitive. This is where beard shampoo comes into its own. They are usually made with natural ingredients which shouldn't effect your skin post shave at all. My advice is for you to replace your regular shampoo or shower gel with a dedicated beard shampoo.  A Little goes a long way and you'll wonder why you never did so sooner.

Item Number Two - Scissors

Good Scissors That Came With My Hair Clippers
A good pair of scissors which will stay sharp for a long time is essential for getting a good, clean cut when doing your beard trim. I recommend a pair of hairdressing scissors. They're going to stay sharper for longer as they're designed to be cutting hair on a regular basis so investing in a decent pair will last you a long time. This doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune as good ones can be had from your local supermarket or online. Hair and beard clipping sets can sometimes come with a pair of decent scissors so bare that in mind.

Item Number Three - Beard Oil

Beard oil transforms your beard from feeling like straw to being soft and smooth. This helps prevent it from drying out in very hot or cold weather which in turn can reduce the dreaded beard itch by hydrating the skin beneath the beard. Be careful not to apply too much as this will leave you with a heavy, greasy beard.

Unscented Beard Oil
Beard oils come in a wide variety of scents and can include anything from pine and sandalwood to spicier ingredients such as orange or cinnamon. If you often wear an after shave and you don't want a beard oil that would clash so there are usually unscented oils available too. 

Item Number Four - Combs

You may think a comb is just a comb, right? I thought so too until I tried a plastic comb that was far too small with narrow teeth. It tugged at the knots in my beard which was not only very painful, it also pulled out hair, which was upsetting to say the least. On more than one occasion it just got stuck. I took my problem to the internet and after a little bit of research I discovered wooden combs! Wooden combs are wonderful for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, they're wooden. They fit our lumberjack style perfectly. 

Wooden vs. Plastic Combs
Secondly, they're wooden. Wood doesn't conduct static electricity like plastic combs do which can be bad for your beard. Static electricity can cause more hair to stand on end than wooden combs which leads to more time spent trimming and maintaining said hair and less time felling trees or wrestling bears. 

Thirdly, they're wooden. This usually means the teeth are spread further apart so no more pulling and tugging at those pesky painful knots. 

Lastly, and you may have seen a trend forming here, they're wooden. After you have applied oil to your beard, you'll need to distribute it evenly and using a nice wide toothed wooden comb is perfect. Not only will it glide easier than its plastic counterpart but the oil will seep into the wood and leave it nice and clean.

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  1. I found it very useful, just in case I ever have to wrestle a bear.


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