Wednesday 27 May 2020

Camera Clip Review - Capture Clip by Peak Design

                   Peak Design 'Capture' Clip with the base plate attached

As you may already know we recently reviewed the Peak Design Slide Lite camera strap, if you missed it you can see it here -> Peak Design Slide Lite Review.

Following on from this, we have the Peak Design Capture Clip. If you haven't come across this before, this is a metal belt or strap clip for your camera. I bought this so that I could easily switch between camera's during a photo shoot although it could just be for general hands-free and strapless adventures with your camera. 

You can get this in silver or black, personally I prefer the black to match most of my kit but to each their own. I did find that there was not a massive amount of choice when it comes to belt clips, at least not from companies I knew anything about. Another reason I chose Peak Design is that I already have their Slide Lite strap and the base plate of the Capture has holes to attach the anchors from the strap. 

The base plate attaches to your camera using an Allen key screw into the base mount of your camera. This is very secure so no problems at all. Depending on the depth of your camera it can stick out at the front or back a little as you can see on my G7 (although this is adjustable). 

The belt or strap clip comes apart allowing you to secure the belt or strap into the clip. This is also very secure and I haven't had any trouble with trusting this with my cameras. It does however mean you need a strong a reliable belt.
This leads me to my first problem with the Capture Clip, while I primarily bought this for use with a belt, I had wanted to use it on the strap of my camera bag as well. However, the clip doesn't fit over it. The clip advertises that it works with a strap up to 2.5 inches across and mine is almost exactly this size but doesn't fit in there. 

     Panasonic G7 without a lens attached to a belt using the 'Capture'

The clip is aluminium and according to the Peak Design website will carry up to 90kg , so its very sturdy. However, I have found even using it with the ultra light Panasonic G7 and 14-42mm lens it does tend to drag downwards a little, more so with my Sony A7 and 28-70mm lense. While I have no doubt it could hold the weight of a heavier camera, but with a heavier lens I don't think it would be particularly comfortable. It means that I have to keep my belt very tight to keep it sitting correctly. 

There is a way to remedy this, which is to buy the 'Pro Pad' by Peak Design although this adds another £17.00 to the £60.00 you need to spend on the Capture Clip. This is another potential issue with the Capture Clip, its very expensive for what it is. If you really want or need a belt clip it probably is worth spending this to ensure its a good quality product, but I do now question whether I actually needed it. 

When you have the camera, clip and belt/strap fitted together the camera is released using a button on the side of the clip. You do need to make sure this is the right way up for ease of use. This is possibly my favourite feature as it makes switching between cameras or just getting your camera ready very quick and easy. 

To summarise                                                                               

- Very strong 
- Good quality
- Compatible with other Peak Design products
- Quick and easy release

- Very pricey (like Peak Design's camera straps) 
- Won't fit on all camera bags
- You camera will drag down (unless you spend another £17.00 on the 'Pro Pad')

While this isn't really a pro or a con, its important to note that there isn't much competition to the Capture Clip. I would seriously recommend that you think about how much you need this before spending the money and check it will fit your bag strap. 

3/5 slices 

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