Tuesday 3 October 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 - Tech Review

Important Stuff
2.45GHz Octa-Core Processor
5.8 Inch (Rectangle), 5.6 Inch (Rounded) Screen
Dual Pixel 12 MP Back and 8 MP Front Camera
64GB Memory / 4GM RAM
Water & Dust resistant
Fast and Wireless Charging

After my un-boxing video which you can watch HERE, I have been using the new Samsung Galaxy S8 for a little while now and I've got to say I really like it. 


This is the latest flagship Samsung smart phone which comes in two variations. The S8 and S8 Plus, the S8 Plus is basically a bigger screen version (6.2 Inch) with a better battery to deal with the larger screen size. This is clearly meant as a direct rival to the iPhone with other contenders seemingly falling away. 

This is a very expensive phone, being the most expensive aside from the iPhone 8. If you want high end and your not an iPerson then this is going to be strong contender as your next phone. 


I don't intend to delve into the stats and so one, simply put its fast, easy to use and looks absolutely fantastic. Its not as fast as the iPhone 8, but honestly you wouldn't notice any sluggishness in day to day usage. I am a very heavy user, I upload high res pictures and videos and honestly don't find its noticeably slow. Given the size of the screen its not particularly big phone which gives you an incredible advantage when carrying it around all the time. 

The camera is very good, the "dual megapixel" rear camera is one of the best that I have used and the front camera takes a great selfie (if you are so inclined). The screen is incredibly clear and while I don't find a huge amount of use for the curved screen it gives the phone a brilliant look and a comfortable feel. 

You have the fancy new type of charger which is reversible but it also comes with a handy adaptor to the previous standard charger which means all your old chargers aren't useless. The battery is pretty good although I often don't quite make 2 days of solid use without needing a top up which is easy because of the fast charging. 

Day to day use

The most important thing to note about this phone is just how good it looks. You are going to spend 1-2 years staring at, holding and carrying around this thing so how it looks and feels is no small thing. A phone could be twice as fast and last twice as long but if looked like crap and was uncomfortable I doubt it would be the one you wanted.  

The fast charging is bloody useful but the contact-less charging wont be of any use unless you bought the charger which I didn't because frankly, i'd spent enough already. So far I've liked everything about the phone especially how most things look excellent on screen and how nice it has been to use. 


If your going high end, top of the line and your an android user at heart, this is the best phone for you. 

4/5 Slices

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