Friday 20 October 2017

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 - Tech Review

Important Stuff

1.9 GHz Octa-core
16 MP Back and 16 MP Front Camera
32GB Memory / 3GM RAM
Water & Dust resistant
Fast and Wireless Charging
5.2 Inch Rectangle Screen


This is Samsung's mid range Galaxy phone. Its reasonably priced but large and relatively powerful for the price tag. These days phones don't get away with being crap, but this does seem a cut about the rest of the mid range phones. 

The first thing you will notice about the A5 is that its not beautiful, its a worker bee, not the queen, getting the job done without frills and tassels. Its not butt-ugly but you wouldn't stop and admire it like you would the Galaxy S8 (For my S8 review click HERE).

This was actually SargeHam's who has been test driving this phone because like the phone, he is a simple but efficient worker bee (kidding of course...), what I mean is that he doesn't care about the latest phone or how it looks, just that he has a phone that works. 


As far as technology is concerned, this is almost exactly half way between the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy A3 (quite where the A7 fits into this I don't know) 

One quite interesting and odd thing about this phone is that the front and back camera are the same, both 16MP. I found this very strange but we had noticed that the front camera takes exceptionally good photos and video (better than the S8 as far as we can see) so if your selfie obsessed then this might be the phone for you. 

The rest of it is all pretty standard, the screen is quite large but not quite as crisp and responsive as the more expensive models. Not having a curved screen doesn't really take much away from it apart from the looks. 

This does all the fast and wireless charging stuff that seems standard these days (unless your an iPhone user in which case is apparently a big deal again. 

Day to day use

This phone isn't looking to reinvent the wheel, its got some nice features, it runs well and it feels and looks simple. If your not obsessed with the latest phone but you are a heavy user this might be the one for you as it wont cost a fortune but has more going on behind the scenes than a budget phone. 

Also, just like the 2017 A3, you can get a very funky case that lights up and opens the phone when you open. I have already reviewed this in my A3 review but it is a cool extra so I'd recommend it. To read my Samsung Galaxy A3 Review (including Neon Flip Wallet) click HERE


This is a pretty decent phone, no fuss but nothing outstanding either. If your in need of a cheaper phone but with a large screen and most modern features, you wouldn't go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy A5. 

4/5 Slices

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