Thursday 15 June 2017

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 - Tech Review

Important Stuff
 64 bit 1.6GHz Octa-Core Processor
 4.7 Inch Screen
13 MP Back and 8 MP Front Cameras
16GB Memory
Water/Dust resistant
Fast Charging


The new Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017 version) is an affordable entry level phone to accompany the popular Samsung Galaxy S series. This phone incorporates the design of the expensive S series and many of the popular features like water proofing and fast charging with a lot less wallet agony. 

Many people today will be drawn to the high end phones on principle alone, it costs more so its better right? Not always right, and when it comes to value for money its usually the the cheap options that provide the most bang for buck. 


The phone is of course no match for its high end equivalents, however it doesn't fall down on any point really. The battery is both fast charging and relatively long lasting, so far I have got 2 days of solid use before thinking about charging (and the charging is pretty damn quick). The phone has a sleek design with a pleasing curved edge and no plastic feel, just metal and glass as far as I can make out. The screen also seems responsive and easy to use. 
The camera isn't the best, but if your not going to be blowing them up for any reason they certainly will do for your standard Facebook/Twitter/Instagram noise. The display won't wow you but it is nice and bright and without a huge amount of scrutiny you wouldn't think twice about it. 

The screen resolution is just OK, its not blowing me away but you wouldn't notice a major issue and the colour is pretty good.

One thing that I both liked and did slightly irritate me is the new USB-C charger. Its a good thing I suppose as the charging is very quick and data transfer is better and you don't have to get it in the right way round, however, I had so many Micro USB 2.0 chargers for every possible location I might need one and now they are useless. 

Day to day use

The software is everything you would expect, no surprises but also nothing particularly interesting either. The system runs well and I couldn't find any fault with it. In a way it does everything you would expect with no real failing, which makes it a thoroughly dull bit of kit. 

I am a high end phone kind of guy, always having the most recent phone. This often leads me to find out after a few days there is a glaring and annoying issue that really shouldn't have made it this far, but not with this phone. Something about finding out which bits are great and which are crap really makes getting a new phone an experience, finding they are all just OK was a little disappointing. 

Samsung A3 Neon Flip Wallet Cover 

Part of getting a new phone means choosing a new cover. I guess I'm a bit of a sucker for the official merch so i usually get the case they are selling with the phone ...for far too much money. 

The case for this phone is the "Neon Flip Wallet Cover", a bit of a mouthful if you ask me. 

Basically, when you flip the wallet shut or when the phone rings the outside of the case lights up, just a gimmick really but a nice touch. 

The main useful feature of this is that when you open the flip case, the phone will unlock. personally I love this but I suppose its eliminates any safety of the phone locking. 


So, all in all, this phone works well and you get a nice looking up-to-date phone for a low price. Its kind of dull as a choice but if your done with spending £40-£50 a month and just want something that does all the grunt work while looking pretty good, I would make this your first choice. 

4/5 Slices

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