Wednesday 3 May 2017

Ark Survival Evolved (PS4) - Game Review

man fighting dinosaur with spear

Craft, build, fight, tame and survive in this part builder part action RPG game. But does it all come together or is it just another nice idea without proper execution? 

As you may know from my previous posts, I am not a PC Gamer and so rely on my PS4 to bring me the latest gaming pleasures. So when Ark Survival Evolved was released for PS4, given that I had heard a hell of a lot about it, I was keen to give it a go.

If you haven't played or heard of Ark, the basics are, you wake up on a beach with nothing and forced to survive. You are vulnerable to the elements, hunger, dehydration and most of all the prehistoric inhabitants of the land you have been thrown into. 

Basically, you have to work your way up the technology tree, from stone age to modern age. The Dinosaurs and other prehistoric (and sometimes mythological) creatures that surround you provide more than just food, you can tame them and then even ride them. 

When I first started, i did really struggle to get to grips with the game-play and techniques you need to survive, and found my self biting the dust relatively often. When you die you can go back and pick up your stuff, if you get their fast enough but the best plan is to make a box and leave a whole new starter kit, clothes, weapons etc so you can just crack straight on. 

I would say that this game is a combination of Minecraft and well, something with Dinorsaurs. Build stuff up, tame some beasts, equip some weapons and have an angry T-Rex wreck it all. 

In multiplayer, the experience starts the same but, obviously, you are sharing the map with up to 70 more players. I did find that when joining a new multiplayer server, it was difficult to find your own little corner to get started, because there are buildings and tamed beasts everywhere. 

So far I have found it quite difficult to get into the multiplayer but that may come in time, the single-player however is a lot of fun, when your not getting eaten or crushed by something you accidentally pissed off. 

Nearly everything takes quite a lot of time in this game so don't think you'll be riding Raptors and building AK47's in the first couple of hours of gameplay. All in all, this game has lived up to its hype a lot better than most new games these days (No Man's Sky) so I'd definitely recommend it, especially as you can download it for half the price of most newer games. 


Fairly realistic survival in a thoroughly unrealistic setting. Its great fun but its also bloody difficult. 

4/5 Slices 

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