Monday 22 May 2017

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Film Review

The first Guardians film was, in my opinion, the best Marvel Cinematic Universe film made to date. I didn’t think it was the best film ever made, or even that it was without fault, but it was the best one they have made.

While I tend not to have high expectations for Marvel given their high number of just OK entries, I did for this film and I can’t say I was disappointed on the whole.

The characters all return on form, giving us a warm welcome back into a well-structured universe with many interesting ideas being floated along with ample humour.

One thing I will say about the comedy elements of the film, it seemed like it was trying a little too hard. When something funny happens the characters have to draw it out and make absolutely sure you understood how funny it was.

The story of this film may arguably be better than the first however there is a little too much CGI whizz bang and not a whole load of character building. Kurt Russell does a good job in what could have been an uninteresting role as Peter’s dad and the whole film does round off quite nicely and surprisingly emotionally.

I guess the main issue this film has is that its predecessor was too good and came out of nowhere and so this film was always going to struggle in surprising us and keeping us psyched up. It’s clear they have tried very hard to keep the tone the same, which they definitely did, but this film didn’t feel like as much of an event as the first and some of the Sci-Fi elements seemed a bit convoluted.


This film was a good next entry for the Guardians however it didn’t really feel like a film that could hold its own. The main thing you need to know is that it’s funny and definitely worth a watch.

3.5/5 Slices

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