Sunday 16 April 2017

Red Eye Review: Monster Original

I seem to have worked my way backwards through Monster's various flavours to get here. So, given how many good flavours Monster have given us does the original hold strong?
I guess thinking about it, I never drank Monster back when the original flavour graced English shelves, at the time I was a bit of a Relentless purist. By the time I had ventured into alternative Energy Drinks Monster Khaos was around and that got all of my attention. 

Monster definitely has the boldest original flavour so you have to give it points for that, all of the others seem to adhere to a stock energy drink style flavour, but not Monster. 

This drink reminds me of pick and mix which for the occasional drink is nice, but I couldn't have it all the time. Its in no way more unhealthy than all the others, but it does taste like it. Like Relentless Origin Monster must be ice cold, if its anything but, seriously don't do it because nobody likes warm pick and mix... 

I Monster is a bit of acquired taste, being honest I didn't really like it at first but after a few nights out and cutting it with Jagermeister to take the edge off, it has grown on me. It's never going to be at the top of my list, but I wouldn't think twice if someone offered me one. 

Strangely enough, while I usually hate 250ml cans, Monster is actually very well suited to this amount. Because it's so sherbety, a small can satisfies the childish need to consumer brain melting sweets without leaving you feeling like you have gut rot. 


It's definitely a weird one but give it a chance because if your like me, it will probably grow on you. 

4/5 Slices 

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