Tuesday 14 March 2017

Red Eye Review: Relentless Apple Kiwi (Green Flavour)

Relentless Apple Kiwi
While Relentless Origin is probably my favourite energy drink, I have mixed feelings about their other flavours. I guess I'm finding it hard to forgive the loss of the Red "Berry Juiced".
I guess the place to start is, I'm not a great fan. This flavour doesn't really work for me. I like apples and I like Kiwis, but to me these are fresh fruit flavours so really work as a juice not as a flavour. 

That said, i cant say that it tastes a whole lot like apple or kiwi. Like a lot of fruit flavoured drinks it relies on being insanely sweet rather than getting the flavours spot on. 

This drink could easily be melted down green Haribo or Starburst and that's why I think of it as "Green" flavour. 

Thinking about it I tend to think of most energy drinks as a colour rather than flavour, apart from Relentless Origin because "Brown" flavour doesn't appeal. 

Lastly, this is fairly middle of the road as far as nutrition is concerned i.e. its bad for you. 


This isn't a terrible drink, on some days I might even like it, but not in comparison to most others. 

2/5 Slices 

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