Friday, 9 November 2018

The Cancellation of Marvels Iron Fist and Luke Cage - Netflix/Marvel/Disney Rant

Well, as we all know Luke Cage and Iron Fist are no more, at least for now anyway. 

I don't think many of us were overly surprised by the cancellation of Iron Fist given its hugely rocky start amongst an array of brilliant first seasons from the rest of The Defenders. Season 2 was a massive step up, if not perfect, but it had reached a comfortable middle that could have been built on and now we may never know what could have been. 

Luke Cage's cancellation was a massive shock, how could we not be getting any more when it started so good and didn't stop? It didn't even follow the turbulent "Defenders" string of less than brilliant series (by this I mean Daredevil 2, Iron Fist and The Defenders which I thought were all a bit pants). Luke Cage clearly deserves more screen time and like a lot of people, I will feel cheated if I don't get it. 

What really pisses me off about all this is why the hell wouldn't they give us some sort of closure rather than cancelling both series, mid story, with no explanation? Why should we invest hours upon hours with characters and stories when we know they might just get ripped away without any kind of finale?  

I have always had a feeling that all series deserve some kind of ending or send off in one way or another, otherwise its like admitting that we shouldn't have watched it in the first place. And if that's the case, why should we start watching new series at all? 

I can't shake the feeling that there is something larger at work here, possibly some sort of Netflix/Disney/Marvel contract bollocks, or maybe this does all hinge on the new Disney streaming service? 

I think if I wanted to launch a service to try and rival Netflix and Amazon (no easy feat) the first thing would be to make sure you have several shows that would immediately gain subscribers, such as already established series that people are now dying to get more of...

Iron Fist and Luke Cage's interactions were arguably some of the best part of The Defenders, the characters complimented each other and so a "Heroes for Hire" mini-series would clearly work and might be the perfect way to send off both characters from the current Universe. I'd definitely watch it, who knows where and when, but I would. 

I guess all we can do is speculate (which we will all do obsessively) and hope that somewhere, something is coming to set this all right.

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