Monday, 2 April 2018

Adventures through Netflix: Star Trek Discovery - Season 1 Chapter 2 - F-Bombs and Klingon Boobies ahoy!

OK, I'm a little late on this one but I thought it was probably better to review the second half late than never. If you missed my review of Chapter one (episodes 1-9) you can read it HERE.

Its quite clear from these later episodes that Star Trek Discovery is taking a very Game of Thrones-y attitude to story telling i.e. every episode must end in a massive jolt to the central story telling Arc or a cliffhanger. This was very entertaining at first, big shock, Michael commits mutiny, but over and over again it leaves you questioning what exactly is sacred to this show and how many times will it try to whip the floor out from under you. 

You have to grow to love the shows core dynamic to give a shit when it gets flipped over. So many of these "big reveals" just left me feeling a little cheated for investing in a character. For example Voq (the albino Klingon) was an excellent character who I couldn't wait to see expand and exact his revenge on his mutinous brethren and Michael, but then we just find out he was jammed up a Star Fleet officer (yes, i know he was surgically transformed) and just disappeared from the series. 

Finding out the captain was actually an evil twin was rubbish. It was like the writers had a board meeting and they wrote 50 plot twists on a wall and threw darts at it.

It's not all bad, its still very watchable and it kept me interested to the end (maybe just to see who snuffed it). There are still a few good characters left, but I think that Season 2 is going to need to loose the jerky plot and the unnecessary inclusion of too many adult themes. 

I love adult themes, makes great TV, but its not why I watch Star Trek and if it happens all the time it won't be remotely shocking anymore. When Star Trek characters did it or let out the occasional "Shit!" it made my day, but the voyages of the U.S.S Tarantino doesn't interest me. 


I still like it, but I know they can do better so I hope they will. 

3/5 Slices

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