Friday, 9 February 2018

Adventures through Netflix: Altered Carbon Review

So, Altered Carbon is here and in true Netflix style, it just showed up without a big "ta-daaaa", just sneaked into my suggested viewing. If there was a fuss, I must be so desensitised to advertisement it just washed over me and I made the independent decision to watch it without any outside influence...

Anyway, if you don't know, Altered Carbon is Netflix's new super-X-rated cyberpunk series. If your anything like me you'll instantly think, Blade Runner ...the series. Seriously, am I the only one thinking this, its so like Blade Runner I could barely get over it to focus on what the series is about. Its set mostly in gloomy streets in Neo-Tokyo where it is always raining, holograms floating everywhere, basically its the quintessential 80's adult Sci-fi setting. Lots of special effects (which are considerably better than the 80's), sex, nudity, gore and long coats. There are even very questionable hair do's and flying cars... 

The story, started out as a good idea, but quickly became convoluted with other Sci-Fi ideas such as Artificial Intelligence and a heavy handed political statement about the super-rich becoming gods because they live forever and have loads of stuff...

Without spoiling the plot, everyone in the world has some kind of device in their neck which stores their digital personality meaning they can be shoved into a different body and carry on like nothing happened. 

This leads to lots of various potentially interesting stories, a mans wife coming back as a man, soldiers that can never die just get grown a new body, peoples personality being downloaded into a virtual reality, synthetic bodies, people living forever and so on. This series really needed to chose an idea and run with it or at least focus on one idea and save the rest for some later series. The idea is interesting but they have tried to pack to many things into one series arc. 


I did enjoy it, because I like watching anything with lots of great CGI and exploring different science fiction ideas. In a way it was almost too much of what I wanted, to the point that I couldn't really appreciate any of it. I wanted to like it but the story gets stale quite quickly and the characters are not very consistent so it was hard to care a huge amount about them. I do hope that they make another series and dial it all back a little.

2/5 Slices

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