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The Defenders Part 4 - Marvel's Iron Fist - Netflix Review

Marvel's Iron Fist title card

Well, having re-watched DareDevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, I come to the final quarter of The Defenders, Iron Fist.

Iron Fist is a bit of a weird one, all of the other series have been based around someone relate-able but Danny Rand is not your average Joe turned super. He is a Billionaire heir to a large corporation whose parents died when he was a boy leaving him to be raised by monks on a mystic plane, indoctrinated to believe only in his mission to save the world and defeat The Hand.

As I have mentioned, The Hand are not a particularly enigmatic evil organisation, too mysterious and all seeing for my liking. There is a main bad guy in this with a tie to Danny's past but unlike the other series, i never felt even remotely endeared to him or particularly interested when he was on screen, despite the great choice of actor David Wenham.

So without a decent bad guy, you really need to love the main character and supporting characters. Unfortunately this was another let down. Danny Rand isn't really very like-able, funny or interesting, he's just there making the story move along. The supporting characters tend not to inspire any real interest and there is a painful lack of comic relief in this series that could have saved it.

When it comes to the action, its all there, but again its not very interesting or cool and the martial arts seem very inferior to DareDevil, which is stupid because that's 90% of what this series is about.

On a side note, I thought I would quickly mention Claire Temple. Rosario Dawson has been the continuity glue holding these series alongside each other and has made a damn good go of making an easily forgettable role something that really stands out, even if that was by banging most of The Defenders. She was probably the most watchable part of Iron Fist so I thank her for getting me through this one.


So, as you may have guessed, I wasn't impressed by this series. It was a poor finish for an otherwise exceptional set of series that really gave me hope for Marvel. The main problem this series had is that it's predecessors were superb and so this was always going to be judged quite harshly.

The Defenders looks to be a damn good series still and this one blip hasn't put me off for a second, they may even bring Danny Rand up to scratch with the rest of them but if not it shouldn't matter much.

2/5 Slices
Slice Rating 2/5

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