Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Defenders Part 3 - Marvel's Luke Cage - Netflix Review

We've had a look at DareDevil and Jessica Jones, now we come to Luke Cage probably the most enigmatic of the Defenders. 

Before the series has started we have already been introduced to the character in Jessica Jones so we expectations are already sky high. This series takes place a few months after the events of Jessica Jones with Luke having retreated to Harlem to continue his personal question for a lack of excitement. 

Luckily for us, he hasn't found a quiet life and things heat up quickly. Luke Cage is an interesting one because we know that very little can hurt him so taking on gangs in Harlem is hardly a stretch for this laid back Terminator. 

Just like DareDevil and Jessica Jones we are first drawn into the stories of the supporting cast who don't disappoint, but aren't a patch on Foggy. Like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage doesn't have an alter-ego and so his character must be a one serving of entertainment and I do love just how cool he is.

Luke is probably the most quotable Defender so far and Mike Colter's portrayal has the watch-ability to carry this series alone, although I'm glad he didn't have too. 

Netflix really have nailed the bad guys so far, just like Kilgrave and Fisk, Cottonmouth manages to be incredibly relate-able. Cottonmouth comes across as a victim of his upbringing but unmovable from his current path of crime. So much of the story is set around him, he has his own supporting cast. 

Unfortunately Cottonmouth gives way to the "true" villains of this story who are considerably less interesting. Shades and Diamondback both have very coincidental connection to Luke's past which I find distracting but Mariah Dillard (played by Alfre Woodard) seems like a good Villain for season 2 of Luke Cage. 

Diamondback first is mentioned like some kind of Criminal boogeyman/uber-boss before anyone knows Luke is involved and then suddenly he is supposed to have been planning on Luke's appearance and "have plans" for him. This was too much of a stretch and did snap me out of the story.  

In addition to some silly plot leaps, the series does let slip some ridiculous cliches and extremely corny lines (Although some of these are pointed out by Clair Temple).


Like DareDevil season 2 the fantastic Villain was replaced half way through by someone less interesting and supposedly worse, which did unfortunately make the ending less satisfying. However, overall this is a damn good series and another feather in the cap of Netflix's extremely good portfolio of Marvel entries. At this rate, I think if I had to choose I would keep getting more of these series and forego Marvel films altogether. 

4/5 Slices

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