Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Defenders Part 2 - Marvel's Jessica Jones - Netflix Review

Following on from part 1 of my wade through The Defenders origin stories, my review of DareDevil, we have Jessica Jones and at this point the Netflix series were going from strength to strength. 

The best thing about Jessica Jones is that she isn't a superhero, she's super but trying to lead a normal life. Obviously not very successfully otherwise the series would be really dull. 

Jessica doesn't have a mundane alter-ego made interesting by running around beating people up, she has to be a good character straight off the bat. Its clear they have put a crap-load of effort into making Jessica Jones edgy and cool and while they over egged it slightly, they managed it. 

Just like DareDevil the series has a rich surrounding of sub-plots and supporting characters including a sort-of backdoor entry for Luke Cage. This was a smart move because lets face it, not many people who knew Luke Cage was a thing before this series and those who did know were a little sceptical about it as a series. 

When I heard about David Tennant as the bad guy, I knew he would have an English accent, and so evil Doctor Who entered the Marvel Universe. That said, he's portrayal of Kilgrave was absolutely gripping. 

Kilgrave has the most over-the-top bad guy name, an English accent, a very comic book superpower and somehow, in this series, he is so unbelievable real. Kilgrave is funny, scary, psychotic and relate-able all at once and I could be fooled into thinking this was his origin story.

These series make me wonder why marvel's movies are so ham fisted and over the top when they are capable of telling complex, thought provoking stories with finesse and class. I guess its catering to a different audience blah-blah-blah but it does make you think. 

Jessica Jones did have some less than great points in my eyes, Nuke's (red pill guy) appearance seemed a little unnecessary and squashed in to an already packed story. I assume this was to keep the action flowing and maybe provide another backdoor for something else? What are the chances Jessica Jones' sister would get busy with another super-ish person? I suppose its not wise to start asking "what are the chances" questions in a comic book story...


If you hadn't guessed, I liked it quite a lot and I think this may be a tied front runner for best Marvel Series (with DareDevil season 1). 

4/5 Slices 

For an interactive superhero guide to "The Defenders", click the link below and brush up on your defenders knowledge.

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