Friday, 5 May 2017

The Defenders Part 1 - Marvel's Daredevil - Netflix Review

Ahead of Marvel's much anticipated Netflix miniseries The Defenders, I thought it would be a good idea to re-watch each of the series that have lead us here, starting from the beginning with Daredevil.
When I first watched Daredevil, before any of the hype had got to me, I didn't know what to expect. After the tragic 2003 film entry and the rubbish TV series set in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe (Agents of Shield) I wants particularly optimistic. 

However, half an hour into the first episode I knew this was something different. For starters this series is dark, full of swearing and violence taking it to a much more real place than any of the big Avengers films could ever hope for. It's still about a superhero with special powers, but its so much more relate-able because it feels like it exists in our world. 

The best part of Daredevil is its fantastic supporting cast and skilful building of the characters around Daredevil forming what actually feels like an in depth journey rather than just a mission to "take down the bad guy". 

My favourite supporting character is definitely Foggy, who might actually be my favourite supporting comic relief character of all time. Not only is he funny, but he's also smart and the quite often the voice of reason across the two series. Honestly, I spent most of the second season thinking of Foggy as the main character who happens to be the best mate of a superhero. Matt Murdock was never a particularly enigmatic alter ego...

Arguably the best part of Daredevil is Kingpin, whose story was so good that it almost had us rooting for him. Kingpin's motives are so clear and understandable its hard not to relate in some way to him, he might be the bad guy, but he feels like a real person. Kingpin isn't some over-the-top villain laughing manically at the master plan to destroy the world or something equally boring.  

Simply put, because these series have so much more time to tell a story and make you care about the characters, they are, in my eyes, clearly superior to the big and shiny Marvel films.  

The second series was not as good as the first, topping Wilson Fisk as an opponent was always going to be difficult. The first half of the series, where Daredevil faces The Punisher was excellent because it threw so many real questions about how far people should go to help and whether being a vigilant is actually right. 

The fight against the Hand was much less interesting which does make me worry about The Defenders series, as I'm not sure that "The Hand" can be a relate-able Villain like the ones we have seen so far. 


I think they have done a fantastic job of making this comic book roar into the real world with thoroughly interesting stories and a great set of characters, something I and many others didn't think was possible. 

4/5 Slices

For an interactive superhero guide to "The Defenders", click the link below and brush up on your defenders knowledge.

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