Thursday, 13 April 2017

Falling Skies - Netflix Review

I'm a little slow on the uptake with Falling Skies, I honestly didn't know it existed until it popped up in my suggested series on Netflix. I guess Netflix does know me pretty well... so blitzed all 5 seasons in 3 weeks and here we are.

As I pointed out in my review of Van Helsing we really seem to have a grim fascination with the end of the world, or at least, an apocalypse that isn't our fault. I guess the post-apocalypse provides a good backdrop for character driven stories (Walking Dead) although I think these shows may have over used the whole "maybe humans are the real monsters" metaphor a little too much now, we get it.

Falling Skies see's Aliens bugger up the planet and we jump in 6 months later (after all of the expensive looking action has finished). For a brief overview, a history professor whose career seems to have been pretty laser focused on the American military history is thrust into leadership of a guerrilla warfare style rebellion. In many ways it is Independence Day the series.

I do think its amusing that while fighting a war with inferior weapons against a superior force on their home turf an American history professor manages never to mention Vietnam, even in passing. They actually make a point about how a smaller force can repel an larger invader and give a list, leaving out the obvious example the springs to mind.

Image result for falling skiesThe alien "Skitters" and "Mechs" are very reminiscent of the design of the District 9 Aliens which isn't necessarily a bad thing but being honest they don't quite look as good, there are a few dodgy bits of CGI that throw you back into reality but over all the series does look good.

What I really liked about this series was that, while extremely American, it isn't particularly "Hollywood" like so many popular series these days e.g. The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. It has a more survivalist gritty feeling about it that I really enjoyed.

Some parts of the story get a little silly, the whole half alien daughter that's telekinetic and psychic was a bit pants, luckily that story doesn't stick around too long. On a whole its all very watchable and quite addictive, although I can't see many people who aren't already sci-fi lovers sticking around for the whole thing.


I would definitely recommend this series if you haven't already seen it, although if this is your sort of thing you probably already have. Not many people are as oblivious as me.  

3.5/5 Slices

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