Wednesday, 29 March 2017

We Got Round to Playing: Skyrim Special Edition (PS4)

I love Skyrim, it’s an excellent game and only really comparable to its predecessor Oblivion. That’s why this is the third time I have purchased a version of Skyrim (previously the original Skyrim on 360 and then the legendary edition also on 360).
The update is really quite something. For an already beautiful game, updating the textures and sharpening the graphics really makes this something special. I spent a considerable amount of time just wandering around looking at everything from afar. It took me 20 minutes to visit Whiterun because I kept walking around it in circles admiring the view.

The special edition doesn’t really add anything to the gameplay except for mods which are quite fun to mess around with and in some cases, make the game less irritating e.g. every trader has more money so you don’t need to travel to a few different places to sell all the guff in your inventory.

You get all of the expansion packs as well which if you never got them originally it is worth buying this for that reason alone. Needless to say, this has re-energised my love for The Elder Scrolls series and kept me playing this game when I thought I might have finally moved on.

My only gripe is the price, this didn’t decrease as much as I had hoped and I still had to pay £28 for this game which isn’t a whole load different to the legendary edition.

Veering off topic slightly, what I suppose is possibly a controversial thought is that Skyrim is not as good as Oblivion. Yes, the game-play is better, the graphics are better, but it’s the main story that lets it down. The main story is good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not quite as good as Oblivion.

When playing Skyrim, I find the main story the last thing on my list of things to do and not because I’m an obsessive side quest-er, it just doesn’t grip me as much as fighting through the plains of Oblivion did. That said, going back and playing Oblivion did irritate me because you can’t dual wield magic and weapons.

If Bethesda ever re-master Oblivion but implement the best elements of game-play from Skyrim, that is a game I am buying.


It is quite something to buy 3 different versions of the same game, for any reason, but what’s really amazing is that I don’t regret any of the purchases.

4/5 Slices 

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