Tuesday, 17 January 2017

We Got Round To Watching: Preacher

 Religion, Gore and S&M Rednecks **Spoilers**

This show feels like the stroppy teenage offspring of Supernatural and True Blood. Definitely not a bad thing, it’s just as addictive as Supernatural and as edgy as True Blood.

I guess I’m a little slow on the uptake these days, but about 4 days ago I started watching AMC’s “Preacher”. Having just blitzed the first series, I thought I’d share my thoughts.

First things first, DON’T WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE TRYING TO QUIT SMOKING! Everyone smokes all the damn time and it drove me mad.

First impressions are everything with a show like this, a bad first episode and I’m out. Needless to say Preacher didn’t disappoint in that department and the introduction to the supporting cast was by far the best part.

Ruth Negga (from E4’s Misfits) plays the no shit, foul mouthed criminal Tulip who you see kill a guy by force feeding him a sweetcorn in her first scene.

Joseph Gilgun (also from E4’s Misfits) plays Cassidy, an Irish drug-addled Vampire who you first see fighting a group of Vampire Hunters before jumping out of a plane with a bottle of blood.

I may be imagining this but don’t an unusual proportion of British actors and Actresses from E4’s gritty teen shows tend to end up in big American shows? (Chris and Cassie from Skins, both in Game of Thrones)

I can’t fault the acting especially from the titular “Preacher” Dominic Cooper and the Story is compelling but a little confused at times as its trying to throw a lot at you.

A very good thing about this show is its clever lack of special effects. I love a good CGI monster but let’s face it they often look like shit. Without some silly monster jolting me back to reality I found it very easy to get immersed in the show.

Some parts do verge on the silly, for example the “meat and power” employees hunting girls in their underwear at night with paintball guns…. strange but entertaining.

A highlight for me was watching confederate soldiers with automatic weapons and a bulldozer siege a church defended by a holy man with a sniper rifle.

A lot of the Characters are very interesting, if a little surprising. The nice Christian single mum who helps run the church, kills the mayor with zero warning. This was either random for the sake of random or cleverly challenging our stereotyping, I leave that determination for season 2.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s involvement in this was a complete surprise for me, I didn’t clock them in the credits until the third episode. While the show is funny, and I do mean very funny, it didn’t at all reek of the American stoner comedy that I associate with them. 

It’s a funny, dark and cool show with a great cast and cheeky philosophy…. I like it.

4/5 Slices

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