Friday, 20 January 2017

We Got Round to Pooing while Playing: Clash of Clans

Lets face it, games designed for kids, are fun. In this instance i'm talking about the wonderful world of Clash of Clans!

This is one of those classic games where you need to build your base up over a long, and I mean very long and sometimes laborious period of time. The first of these games I had the pleasure of playing was the text based space adventure (for virgins), O-game, in around 2006. Basically, Clash of Clans is a single game of Age of Empires spread over several years. 

It all begins with creating a base, builders and various resource collectors. At first it takes a few minutes to have a new building put up, but it soon gets to the point were one upgrade can take weeks!

I must admit, sometimes you do tend to ask yourself is it really worth all of this time I am wasting? However, I challenge you to find something more amusing than taking  someones hard earned resources with tiny dragons while your having a dump.

I have been trying to think how many years I've been playing Clash of Clans and it occurred to me, I have 3 different Christmas trees, so it must be coming close to 4 years. I think I should explain what I mean by this. Every year on every main holiday you get different themed pop ups around your base that you have the option to destroy for resources. This is also coupled with things such as gem bonuses to buy extra stuff instead of using your resources.

The good thing about this game is that everything is available to you for free, there is none of those irritating pop ups that tell you to "get the premium version now!" Although, in saying this, if you were never to partake with any in app purchases you are in for a long slow ride. 

I had better get to the point as I have been told I am a prize waffler. This game is slow paced, long lasting, colourful, childishly cartoony and perfect for a lengthy poo. Clash of clans is pretty pointless and there are no real goals if were honest. However, I have no problem with this what so ever.


3/5 Slices

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