Wednesday, 18 January 2017

We Got Round To Playing: Just Cause 3

Much explosions!

Just Cause 2 was a good game and the developers of the third outing clearly understood what was good about it as they haven’t tried to change much.

Nearly everything to do in this game is fun, from Wingsuits to Fighter Jets to the demolition of fully populated military bases.

The shear lack of sense when it comes to gravity is actually one of my favourite parts of the game, everything would be completely impossible in real life, but where’s the fun in real life?

The wingsuit/grappling flight system has an extremely steep learning curve (not unlike the parkour gameplay in Dying Light) and I spent a lot of time trying to make out with the side of buildings at 30mph.  

The main issue with this game in my view is the story, its pants. You spend far too long watching people talk about the plight of the population under a cruel dictator, when you have massacred civilians on your way too and during each mission.

This game raises an interesting question for me, should a sequel just be an update version of the previous game, better graphics and more stuff etc. or should it try to bring something new to the table? This game does nothing new, but is a well-made (if slightly buggy on PS4) game that I found a good laugh.
This Game is definitely not ground breaking, but it is good fun. It’s pretty cheap to pick up, so I would recommend you do.

3/5 Slices

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