Tuesday, 17 January 2017

We Got Round To Playing: Battlefield 1

Bloody good show lads, tip of the spear and all that!

I think its prudent to mention this is the first time in a long time that I have again entered the world of FPS so this feels like a fairly unique experience for me.

Having not played Battlefield since the early days in favour of Call of Duty I have quickly discovered the error of my ways.

There seems to be such a culture around COD now, its more of a game that you have to have as all of your friends have it. This is not something I get the impression of when it comes to Battlefield.

On playing the campaign through, as fun as it was it did become quickly apparent that it's just your run of the mill blow this up, sneak through here, steal these plans etc. Its the online game where I really feel it shines, I even like some of the intro scenes of old blighty telling you how excited he is about the prospect of a cup of tea. The only negative comment regarding some of the online game modes is that in most instances, there really seems to be no clear indication as to whether your team is winning or loosing.

In playing this game I have even learned a few things and remembered some of those secondary school history lessons I thought I had day-dreamed away.

To put it bluntly, being able to play a 64 player game is absolute mayhem! Between the tanks, bikes, planes, horses, boats, blimps and trains in various different varieties its the perfect all out war game. I even came 3rd in a game once!

In short, this is a fast paced, fairly realistic and brilliant way to fight any real productivity of an evening.


4.5/5 slices

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